I wanted to decor the living room with some white lights hanging from the ceiling, but I have to admit that all I could find was incredibly expensive (compared to the common Christmas lights which can be very cheap in certain shops). So I decided to use the Christmas ones (although they are coloured and not white) and I tried to put them on the wall in a beautifull shape. It is certainly magic and a bit Psicodelic when you switch off the general lights. Although it is not perfect (at least regarding to what I had imagined), I love the result very much ♥

Probably one of the best things you can do with a bottle of wine you have enjoyed so much drinking is keeping it and turning it into a flower vase. Besides, it perfectly fits into what I needed some weeks ago, when we celebrated Sant Jordi, a beautiful tradition in Catalonia which makes men give a rose to their beloved lady as a present of love (pretty!). In the picture of the new vase, you will see behind, the already-dried roses from last year’s Sant Jordi day :)